Lounge & Resto-Bar In Bandra

You have a special event coming up and want it to be just perfect, right from the venue to the experience. 

5 Star Hotels are among the most luxurious venues to host gala celebrations like weddings, anniversaries or cocktail parties. 

Hotel Banquets serve the dual purpose of hosting a large-scale wedding as well as accommodating guests at its standard and premium rooms. 

Planning an intimate affair like musical night, birthday party, or anniversary celebration? The most popular venue choice for hosting such events is the classic - Banquet Halls.
Perfect for feting official, private, or members-only events, Lounges and Resto-Bars in Bandra are the new delis of the metro cities where people can relax, unwind, and enjoy a wide array of amenities like bar & grill, open buffet, live music, open mic nights, and stunning decor with a remarkable ambience.

The original Wedding venue – Lawns are lush, beautiful and spacious. Long before opulent banquet halls and 5 star hotels took over the marriage industry, Wedding Lawns were the venues to host a marriage event at. 

Heritage Venues offer a whimsical backdrop to events both big and small; they also provide infinite possibilities for themed décor.

Giving you ease to enjoy an event with plenty of breathing space and creative freedom, Beach Wedding Resorts enable the client to opt for décor change between events – a factor unable to be carried out at any other type of venue. 

Easily accommodating up to 1000 guests or more, beautiful Wedding Resorts are the perfect venue to host weddings, large-scale parties, barbecue dinners, or even corporate and MICE events. 

Planning an outdoor shindig above the city’s noise and heat? Offering panoramic views of cities, harbours, hillsides, or lakes, Terrace and Rooftop Venues are perfect to eat, drink, and be merry.

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    Bandra, Mumbai

    A blend of local and rich flavors from varied regions of our country are offered in terms of creative and energizing cocktails at JLWA. This all-day bar and kitchen, offers fusion food, creative cocktails and flavors of the globe that haven't been attempted previously.

    Suspended Aerial Lights across the venue, Delectable Luncheon, Colorful and quirky ambiance, Chic Decor and pulsating music
    arrow-right Suspended Aerial Lights across the venue
    arrow-right Delectable Luncheon
    arrow-right Colorful and quirky ambiance
    arrow-right Chic Decor and pulsating music

    Venue Type

    ₹ 1800/- *

    Per Plate


    350 (Upto)


    Escobar-Tapas Bar happens to be the longest bar in India, termed after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The restaurants’enchanting and totally remarkable settings, alongside quality food, service and vibe is few of the reasons for its brilliant success. 


    Longest Bar In India, Distilled Musical Ambiance, Exotic Delicacies with high-end cuisines, Refined Decor
    arrow-right Longest Bar In India
    arrow-right Distilled Musical Ambiance
    arrow-right Exotic Delicacies with high-end cuisines
    arrow-right Refined Decor

    Venue Type





    House of Nomad

    Bandra, Mumbai


    Offers a skillfully designed cocktails, Exquisite ambiance, Exhaustive wine collection, Delectable bites
    arrow-right Offers a skillfully designed cocktails
    arrow-right Exquisite ambiance
    arrow-right Exhaustive wine collection
    arrow-right Delectable bites

    Venue Type





    House of Tipsy

    Bandra, Mumbai


    Three storey gastropub, Attractive and well equipped bar with delicious food
    arrow-right Three storey gastropub
    arrow-right Attractive and well equipped bar with delicious food

    Venue Type





    Su casa

    Bandra, Mumbai

    A rarity among eateries that are pet-accommodating, Su Casa Restaurant offers imported ingredients and splendid informal brunch spread. It makes for a lovely home to make up for lost time with companions and a beautiful dinner spot to go to with family and friends.

    Celebrity frequented, Charming interiors with plants hanging outdoor
    arrow-right Celebrity frequented
    arrow-right Charming interiors with plants hanging outdoor

    Venue Type

    ₹ 1500/- *

    Per Plate


    250 (Upto)