About Us

“We are India’s leading platform for booking unique venues worldwide.”

Venue First was founded by people who spent decades managing events and spaces, and who observed a recurring problem for clients – that of finding and booking the perfect venue effortlessly. To make this process simple, painless and hassle-free.

For us, VENUES come FIRST. You can FIND, COMPARE quotes, and BOOK your ultimate venue from 2700+ unique options globally, with no hidden costs or convenience fees. With a responsive team, proven tools and a transformative approach to create, shape and execute the venue booking experience, there is no other company that has the commitment to help clients connect better and save time and money in the process. At the heart of Venue First is a desire to bring people together for flawless events.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients by freeing them to do what only humans can do, and letting our technology handle the rest!

Our team is made up of sharp minds belonging to diverse professional backgrounds working towards a common goal. We encourage our squad to grow in their current roles and dream about what’s next. Across the globe, our country-specific ambassadors provide a tailored venue service to clients. As a large and growing company in a rapidly changing industry, our approach to corporate social responsibility continues to evolve as we solidify our long term vision for the company, and expand our gamut of services worldwide.

Whether it’s a luxury banquet hall, an opulent 5 star ballroom, a cutting-edge resto-bar, or a beautiful heritage property you seek, we have the PERFECT VENUE for you.

So what are you waiting for? Join thousands already enjoying a smarter way to book their venues online with VENUE FIRST!